Washing clothes and laundry in Wiesbaden

At the point of this writing our washing machine and dryer is available but not connected and ready to be used. I was just asked by an American guest who stays a couple of days, how to do laundry in Wiesbaden.

First you need to know, that self-service laundry shops are not that common in Germany. There are some in Wiesbaden though:

The more common way to do laundry outside the house is a service, where you drop your stuff and pick it up a couple of days later. They do everything from washing to ironing with all sorts of clothes. The nearest shops from our home are:

My sincere hope is, that everyone that reads this in the future and wants to be our guests can simply use our washing machine and dryer for laundry. Just ask us.

Update on Feb 1st: We have a washing machine and a dryer now. 😀

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