26079894175_069173344d_oOur small frame house was most probably built in 1728. It survived a lot and endured. When we bought it, it was a ruin in danger of collapse that was economically a liability to the lawn. We decided to put in the love it deserved and to work closely with our architect and the historic monuments protection authority in Wiesbaden and the federal state of Hesse.

Restoring the building wasn’t easy: Everything that was not destroyed by moisture was restored with great effort. New elements always followed the findings of the official restorer who examined the building early on and helped us choose the colors and materials that were in the building back in the 18th century. Did you notice that the building is crooked and awry? We couldn’t resist the feeling of walking on a boat on sea when we were in the first floor the first times. But rest assured: That’s alright. No need to worry.

In earlier times people have been much smaller. That was about 50 years before the USA were declarated by the way. Today both Americans and Europeans have to watch their heads if they are bigger than 6 feet. The lowest beam is at about 6 ft and much harder than your head. Watch out, please in our “Belle Etage” !