Going to Messe Frankfurt from Wiesbaden Auringen

The following ways can be used to go to Messe Frankfurt from Wiesbaden-Auringen.

  1. Take the car (preferred method)
    It’s a 30 minute drive (See the route in Google Maps) in the best case and can take up to an hour in very heavy traffic. But the way is straight forward, our place is very close to Autobahn. This is your best choice, especially if you’re a exhibitor and may have stuff to transport back and forth.
  2. Take the bus to Wiesbaden Main Station and train to Messe Frankfurt (cheaper)
    There are multiple ways. One takes a route via Eppstein-Bremthal station. Another uses Auringen-Medenbach Bahnhof. Another one uses a “Rufbus” that you need to call via phone 30 minutes early. We do not recommend either of these routes to foreigners and business people as this takes at least an hour and has 3 stops where you change vehicles. There is a high probability of something not working. If you want to plan your route, please use the RMV website.

In a nutshell. If you need to go to Frankfurt Messe reliably from our place, please rent a car and park at Messe.

In a conversation with a guest, she asked “I asked, because there are going to be four people and in case we do not go back at the same time we would go by train. Do you have Uber or something like this in Frankfurt? How much it costs to get to this lovely place?”. This was my answer:

If you want to come back late, I recommend that you go to “Eppstein-Bremthal Station” which is a simple 30 minute ride with S-Bahn S2 from Frankfurt Central Station. Frankfurt Central Central is 6 minutes from Frankfurt Messe with an E-Scooter or 19 minutes by foot. Your other group should pick you up at Eppstein-Bremthal as this is a 7 minute drive. The scooter will cost you 2-3 Euro per person and the fee for the S-Bahn-Ticket will be 4,95 Euro.

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