Open House – Tag des offenen Denkmals

Dies ist eine Einladung. Wenn Sie das rechtzeitig lesen, besuchen Sie uns und unser denmkmalgeschütztes Häuschen in Alt Auringen 50 in Wiesbaden (Google Maps). Diese Einladung richtet sich besonders an Bewohner aus Auringen und den umliegenden Vororten und natürlich an unsere Freunde und Bekannten.

Today between 3pm and 6pm our heritage building in ‘Alt Auringen 50’ participates at the ‘Tag des offenen Denkmals‘ which is an open house concept for all heritage buildings in Germany and part of the European Heritage Days.

Before we bought our heritage building we participated ourselves at such a heritage day and looked at buildings and talked to owners. It’s a great way of dropping the fear of “Untere Denkmalschutzbehörde” and their regulations.

Our house got some media coverage in the local newspaper again:

Seeing our house was recommended in Friday’s newspaper. #deepbow
Wiesbadener Kurier ran a big article on the heritage day.
We have finally managed to mount the award sign.

This award sign could not be attached to the house. There are some limitations to such buildings. So its mounted to our ugly portal. We hope that people do not mistake the portal as the winner of the price. 🙂

Mounted to our portal.

And now we also had a good opportunity to advertise for “Lotto Hessen” with the big poster they gave us. First question of the son of a neighbor: “Is this an ad?” Yes, it’s kind of saying thank you to Lotto Hessen for the price. Don’t tell anyone. But we shortly discussed, to cut off the lower part but decided against it. 😀


Both kids and adults will enjoy, that the “Auringer Kerb” is on today as well with a big agenda, good food, a merry-go-round and lots of other attractions. Here is the agenda and flyer:


Agenda and Flyer of Auringer Kerb 2016


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