Auringer Vereinssommer 2016 – Regional Festivities every Friday

During the summer months there is party each Friday evening from 6pm on. Every week another club is running a booth selling regional wine and food at pretty low prices. If you’re interested in getting to know people from Auringen, this is the place to go. There are usually between 50 and 400 people so you can pop in and out easily.

We have added the events to our calendar and will try to keep them up to date. The series of events is organized by Ortsvereinsring Auringen. Their website has additional info and updates. There is also a facebook group for these events.


Wine booth in Wiesbaden-Auringen


It is in 3 minutes walking distance from our heritage building in Wiesbaden-Auringen. See how to walk there.


Download PDF file with German flyer

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