House Manual and rules

Beware of two things:

1. Our house is from 1728. It has low ceilings. Normally 2 metres / 6,5 ft. Please watch your head if you are tall.
2. The stairways are very steep. Please be very careful when you go up and down.

Natural historic stone floor from 18th century
Natural historic stone floor from 18th century

Please leave your shoes on the historic stone floor in the entrance and take them off, if you walk through the house.

The Wifi for guests is “Hofreite Guests”. The password is provided upon confirmed booking. Please do not use WLAN for illegal activities. We have measured a speed of 35Mbps for downloads and 4.5Mbps for uploads. But unfortunately we cannot guarantee any speeds or connection quality.

The television has a Fire TV extension and offers Amazon Instant Video and Netflix in multiple languages. Please feel free to use it, but please do not buy paid offerings.

We provide central heating. Please tell us if you want it to be adjusted.

Please do not move furniture especially heavy items as the wooden floor is easy to be damaged and very costly to repair.

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