Glancing behind the scenes – the large bathroom

In our little wellness haven, you can relish in a piping hot shower. The well-lit bathroom offers you a large shower, a sink, and a toilet. And don’t forget to look out the window for a great view into the courtyard. Click on this link…

Deluxe dream factory – for both sleepyheads and early birds

Are you a sleepyhead or more of an early bird? No problem there, the large bedroom caters to both types. The king-size bed makes the heart of a long sleeper beat faster. And for the early risers, the room shines in the early morning hours and fills the room with warmth. If there is anything…

Narrow, but steep!

But no worries! We left the standards of 1728 behind and replaced it with today’s. Our modest, but well spaced bathroom on the ground floor is furnished with a sink, toilet, and space to place your cosmetics. Want to experience more? Click on this link…

Comfy house slippers – A definite all around experience

Our house slippers, directly next to the front door in the hallway, brings an all around experience! They not only provide you with warm feet and a homely feel, but also protect our sensitive wooden floors. Whether you’re in stylish slippers, or just slipping on your favorite worn out pair, here’s the link to our…

The way to the heart is through the stomach

“A good kitchen is the foundation of all happiness” says the late Georges Auguste Escoffier (1846-1945). That’s why we have a video that shows all of the equipment and other refinements we supplied the kitchen with so that you can cook to perfection. You will definitely be a happy camper in our home and we…

Mountain climbers will be happy!

Whoever wishes to climb a mountain or simply get a workout in, can definitely do so in the home itself due to the steep stairs. That is an adventure in and of itself! When you conquer it once, you can conquer it every time. Check it out for yourself: 

Baroque meets the 21st century (from window to television)

Even in a house that was built in 1728 cannot do without modern technology. Whether you’re a tv show junkie, movie lover, TV-, Amazon- or Netflix fan, with us you have the quality and quantity when it comes to choices. In this video, you’ll be guided with easy instructions on how to get started.


A real oldie can be found somewhere in our wonderful house. Curious yet? If you want to know exactly where this little treasure can be found and the riches that come along with it, then click on this video.

Open sesame – Technology makes it possible

Why get complicated? Work smarter not harder! Technology makes it possible. With us, you’ll enjoy your trip here with full flexibility with very little hands-on effort on your part. Your vacation will start right when you walk in. Check out this video to see how it all works.